Indoor plants have had a real resurgence in recent times, and why not? Greenery adds a touch of freshness to your home, helps purify the air and creates a feeling of serenity.

But most importantly, indoor plants look fantastic … adding colour and balance to any room. And with the wonderful range of pots now available, your plants can truly reflect your personality.

That’s right, it’s no longer just about which plant you choose, we believe the pot is just as important. Forget about boring terra cotta or plain white ceramic numbers that blend in like the proverbial wallflower in the pot versus plant scenario - it’s time to consider flora and vessel as an equal partnership. Domestic vegetation and decorative ornament, together as one … complementing each other, and adding a previously unexplored element to indoor gardens.

But what comes first? The plant or the pot?

It is a good idea to choose your pots first. Consider the size, colour, materials and styles that will match your home and existing decor.

Then it is time to select your plants. Again you will need to think about the size, and how they will fit into your home – and of course, the pot that you have chosen. A good tip is to buy plants in appropriately sized plastic containers with drainage holes to slip inside your permanent ornamental pots. This way you can easily move and/or replant them if they grow too large.  Lighting conditions are another consideration.

For rooms with limited lighting, choose shade-tolerant plants. For areas that are brightly lit, go with something with coloured or patterned leaves, including tropical plants.

Our top 5 choices are:

There you have it, our top 5 indoor plants. Stay tuned for our favourite pots… our brand new pet-themed range is coming soon! 

 Author: Suzy Lloyd

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