Hello everypawdy! (”)(”)

We are pet lovers. We adore animals of all shapes and sizes, breeds and colours, cute or cuddly, bouncy or subdued… you name an animal, and we’ll be fans for sure.

But most of all, we know you love them too… dogs; cats; birds; horses; guinea pigs; bitsas and pure-breds; natives and imports; and mice - yes even mice, we get it. So in 2017 we launched Pet Expressions, a wholly Aussie owned and operated online store for beautiful, quirky and down-right pawsome, pet-themed gifts and homewares!

Now don’t go barking up the wrong tree, it’s not about to rain cats and dogs or anything like that, but the incredible range of pet-themed gifts and homewares in our catalogue will make you realise you’ve been beating a dead horse by shopping anywhere else!